Milly Mally Ride-On Snoop! 3in1


MillyMally prezentuje kolejne niesamowite odkrycie. Hulajnoga/Jeździk SNOOP! 3w1 jest to produkt z kategorii: . Posiada unikatowy designe oraz wiele praktycznych funkcji które z pewnością przypadną do gustu zarówno dorosłym jak i dzieciom. Produkt dostępny jest u wszystkich naszych partnerów w całej Polsce. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się ze szczegółowym opisem produktu który znajdziesz poniżej.

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Snoop! 3in1

Snoop! is the best!

You will be so impressed!

Take the adventure and find a treasure!

You will have a pleasure!

It is worth encouraging the child to learn to drive as early as possible. This has a positive effect on the development of the young body, and most of all during the ride, the child actively spends time.

Additional advantages:

• stimulates many muscle groups to be active;
• the child learns to maintain balance;
• learns to make quick decisions and react to external circumstances;
• educates the ability to concentrate and helps to gain self-confidence;
• learns patience and overcoming failures;
• improves the condition

Snoop is the perfect solution for babies!
This is another toy in the Milly Mally family from the GROW UP series – one product and so many possibilities of use.
Snoop! is a modern, distinctive design combined with practical use. It is also a product that will provide the child with a comfortable, smooth transition through all development stages adapting to his growing skills. Ergonomic design, soft seat, comfortable handles provide comfort of use.

From the 18th month, the child uses Snoop! at the beginning, only sitting on a ride-on. Holding the handle on the top of the seat, but it is directed by the parent through the handle. The soft seat and profiled leg supports provide comfort for a less-fit young athlete. Once the child has learned, you can dismount the handle for the parent – it is then transformed into a ride-on. Toddler will easily be able to run Snoop because he is guided by body balancing. The third function is intended for children from 36 months of age – scooter. Here we go back to the handle, which we used in the first Snoop function, only this time it becomes the steering wheel for the scooter.
Surely every little traveler will fall in love with Snoop! because it is a toy with a surprise. It is hidden in the seat. The child will be able to bring home all his treasures from every trip. The clipboard can also be used while playing at home, for example, for carrying blocks, balls or a favorite book, and it will make life easier for a mother who will not have to worry about where to hide water when going to a nearby playground.
Snoop! is light thanks to the use of the highest quality materials that guarantee safe use and allow carefree fun for your child. Quiet – has rubber wheels, which will work both at home and on the walk. Small dimensions will allow him to take more than one journey.


Snoop! – a ride-on in 3 ways

1. First way
– a ride-on with a handle for the parent and a storage box
2. Second way – a ride-on

3. Third way – Scooter


Product characteristics:
• light and solid construction
• an aluminum handle for the parent, which is also the scooter’s wheel
• soft contoured seat ensures comfort of use,
• silent rubber wheels,
• has three wheels,
• foot brake located above the rear wheel
• treasure chest (just lift the seat lid)
• comfortable non-slip handles
• control – works on the principle of body balance,
• 3-way adjustable handle height (scooter)
• durable, wide and non-slip platform.
• 18 + age range

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