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MillyMally prezentuje kolejne niesamowite odkrycie. Pojazd Micro jest to produkt z kategorii: . Posiada unikatowy designe oraz wiele praktycznych funkcji które z pewnością przypadną do gustu zarówno dorosłym jak i dzieciom. Produkt dostępny jest u wszystkich naszych partnerów w całej Polsce. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się ze szczegółowym opisem produktu który znajdziesz poniżej.

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Learning to ride a bike should begin as early as possible, because it has a lot of advantages and positive influence on the development of the young body. Ride a bike involves the following aspects:


  • stimulates the activity of young body muscles;
  • teaches to maintain a stable balance;
  • teaches to make quick decisions
  • develops the ability to concentrate and helps to gain self-confidence;
  • is a school of patience and overcoming failures;
  • improves condition
  •  is a great way to spend free time;
  •  children have a lots of fun

Milly Mally proposes the MICRO – which was created for the youngest babies.
Micro  made from the highest quality materials to ensure your child’s enjoyment. Parents can confident that the product is 100% safe. Micro will become the best and inseparable friend. Micro is very stable – the use of double wheels, allows for safe and more secure learning the first “steps” on the bike. The bike has got soft and contoured seat and it will give full comfort. Steering wheel lever – protects against turning off the steering wheel – which would make it impossible to drive – and additionally could discourage the child to continue driving. Micro is quiet and include non-slip wheels that work well on a variety of surfaces. Frame  is simple and spray coating, which provides better coverage, and longer durability of the paint – scratch resistance. The MICRO is extremely lightweight – weighs just 2 kg. The product meets EN71 standards.


Product characteristics:

– straight steel frame – painted lacquer – spray method

– soft non-slip handles

– profiled foam seat

– steering wheel lock

– wheel size – 6 “

– double foamed wheels – which has anti-skid properties and is quiet at the same time

– extremely light – 2 kg

– age range 18- 36 months


Available design:

– cat (pink + grey + white + mint-green)

– frog (green+ white + black)

– cow (red + black)

– dolphin (blue +white)

– mouse (orange + mint-green + white)

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Cat, Micro Cow, Micro Dolphin, Micro Frog, Micro Giraffe, Micro Puppy, Micro Unicorn, Mouse